• In which countries do you place aupairs and nannies?
  • What is the difference between archive and delete?
  • Can I email my photos/references?
  • When I use exact match I don't match up with many nannies
  • What is the difference between an au-pair and a nanny?
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    is the best online nanny and aupair search and job service with 1000´s of nannies and job vacancies. Save on traditional nanny agency fees. We also have Mother´s Help, Nurses, Governess' & Housekeepers.


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      You can upload 2 files, either in Text, Microsoft Word document or PDF format, these can be for example a more detailed description of your vacancy, a work schedule or just a personal essay to your future nanny.
      Only paid members have access to these files.
        You can upload 2 files, either in Text, Microsoft Word document or PDF format, these can be for example a resume/CV, references or just a personal essay to your future family.
        Only paid members have access to these files.
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          Nanny Agency childcare solution
          A nanny or an au pair have different meaning depending on location of the nanny agency or host family.